So What Can ‘Future 2’ Be taught From ‘Outriders’?

Alright, settle down. I do know what you’re pondering, I’m pitting Future 2 and Outriders in opposition to one another, I’m stoking the flames of some imagined battle between the 2 profitable looters. You make one “Future killer” joker on Twitter…sigh.

Anyway, I get it. Outriders isn’t long-term competitors to Future 2, and is a special recreation in some ways. However it will be dumb to disregard the issues that Outriders bought proper at launch, and the teachings it might probably train a 7 yr previous franchise. Clearly Future 2 might train it loads of issues, however that’s most likely a separate article.

Right here’s what I’ve observed from per week of basically nothing however Outriders by way of issues Future might take into account adopting.

Auto-Assortment Settings – Outriders lets you choose what degree of loot your character will auto pick-up whenever you run over it, or go away a zone (there isn’t a postmaster, “misplaced” loot at this degree goes straight to your stock). That is clearly relevant to Future 2, the place you might merely go away blue engrams on the bottom quite than having them litter your stock.

Mass-Deletion Settings – Outriders lets you choose all weapons or armor items of a sure rarity and tag them for both dismantling or sale. Identical factor right here, would love a button that lets me delete each blue I’ve collected.

Reward Selection – Whereas there’s a lack of goal farming to a sure extent in Outriders, one cool factor it does is enable many missions to offer you a selection of rewards on the finish, which might enable gamers to choose what they’re in search of. Think about ending a strike and getting a collection of three world pool legendries to choose from, quite than relying purely on RNG there.


Straightforward Face Re-Customization – Outriders has a “barber” however it means that you can change something about your character wanting your gender, post-character creator, without cost. Future has had our faces locked in place for years at this level, and it’s unclear if this may ever change.

Gearsets – That is clearly not an idea invented by Outriders, however Future has solely briefly dabbled in gearsets with issues just like the Gambit Prime set bonuses, and I’d like to see extra experimentation in that discipline.

A Lead With Persona – Future has taken the “clean slate” method to our Guardian the place we are saying nearly nothing and wordlessly kill whoever we’re speculated to. However I feel Outriders’ characterization of our anonymous hero really works extraordinarily properly in its story, and I don’t assume it detracts from the multiplayer facets of the sport that everybody is the “identical” hero. Having our Guardian’s character be solely relayed by means of Ghost isn’t nice, and by no means has been, in my view.

Gradient Issue Spectrum – One other factor pulled from Diablo, however it works to nice impact, permitting Outriders gamers to customise their exercise problem by means of 15 ranges. I feel one thing like this could maybe be thought-about for Future, particularly given all of the complaints concerning the energy grind and comparatively uneven problem vary.

Finish of Exercise Display screen – This was simply prompt by a reader, however I completely agree. I really like the extremely detailed finish of exercise display screen with tons of information about every participant’s run which is extra than simply the “kills” that Future normally has.


For me, these are the most important ones that come to thoughts usually. I suppose you might say one thing about how one can basically take any legendary perk (the equal of a Future unique perk) and put it on the rest, however whereas that will work for Outriders and open up large construct customization, I don’t assume it’s a stretch to think about that may break Future at its core. So some stuff…yeah, doesn’t translate.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll do the reverse of this for Outriders quickly (merchandise locking!). Now I’m off to place each of those video games down and go play the Diablo 2 alpha.

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